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Empowering  Primary Care with Real Data


Patient Online Registration
Maternal-Perinatal Mortality Control 
Referral Management for High Risk & Emergency

A system for patient to request outpatient appointments from their registered clinics.


This system is linked to the EMR systems which is installed in clinics; thus integration allows to identify whether the patient has a previously registered account or needs to create a new account. The clinics receptionist is also responsible to review patient requests and send a reply with a confirmed appointment date back to the patient.

The outpatient clinics include primary, maternity, pediatric, contraception, vaccination and virtual visits. For elderlies and critically sick patients, virtual visits (online video consultation) can possibly be arranged.

Doctors and Midwives can input patient checkup data into the mobile app or the website on the computer.


The system will automatically use the save the data to generate the following digital documents:

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • Cohort Registration

  • ANC Checklist

  • Postpartum and Contraception Control

  • Contraception Usage and KB registration Reports


Digital Data for pregnancy stages and high risk alert are displaying and updating in real-time manner.


The saved data can be integrated and used to create reports or data analysis with designated information at set time periods. 

The HHT system has been designed to identify the high risk or emergency cases with installed high risk indicators.

When the patient’s condition inputted by the doctor contains high risk factors, or the doctor turn on the emergency signal, the system will immediately send out an alert while the high risk patient EMR and current location will be shown on the mobile app and website.

Emergency referral alert will be received by clinics administrator and ambulance for taking immediate action.

Electronic Medical Record for Primary Care

Besides the routine medical care service, the collection of large amount of patient data is an important job component for governmental healthcare organizations. In current situation, this heavy burden is manual and dependents on traditional labors, either handwritten or typed into a computer format and then printed out, all individual forms which cannot be integrated, so that create a lot of duplicate data in many different reports. Consequently not only generates overwhelming amount of paper files, requires extra manpower to read and analyze data, but also the transmission of patient files can only be delivered by workers.

HHT has designed a real-time IT system that follows the overall routine workflow of Clinics. This system can not only update the inputted data, but also convert saved data simultaneously into electronic medical records.

Electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of patients’ paper medical record. EMRs are more valuable than paper records because they enable to track data over time.  EMR system will be installed in the computer of several divisions including the Reception, Medical Record Department, Clinics, Laboratories and Pharmacy.

Reception staff can search patient’s account by inputting the Citizen ID, if patient didn’t register before, then create an account with the patient basic information (name, ID and address) in the EMR system.

GP/Specialist and Midwife can use the installed protocols and ICD-10 Links to conduct and input the patient checkup results including physical examination, risk factors, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization records and laboratory test results.


Prescriptions will be sent to Pharmacy and saved in the EMR; Laboratory or Imaging Division can input the results directly in the EMR.  The EMR can also facilitate online consultation between several doctors. They can have online access to the patient EMR at the same time, regardless of time and location. 

EMR provides substantial benefits to physicians, clinic practices, and health care organizations.  It can facilitate to simplify the routine workflow and improve the quality of patient care and patient safety.

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Smart Phone Outline



We believe that in medicine, the doctors must be empowered with literature, data, evidence and tool to interact with the patients to do his service.  This "system thinking" is missing in the healthcare system today in primary care (in rural / sub-urban areas in particular) and this is what HHT is going to provide.  After a long and successful history building and establishing best practices in public and private hospitals, we realize that we are only addressing part of a more significant healthcare issue.  Today, both in the developed / developing nations, the core challenge in Healthcare is in building a referral network of primary care / remote care, and connecting them to the established hospitals / medical specialists, to improve the Access to Healthcare and for preventive care.  


To bring world-class healthcare to remote and primary care through breakthrough innovation.


Empower frontline health care professional with 5G mobile technology, connected to centralized / specialist care with decision support A.I. technology to ensure fast response to improve clinical outcome.  

Using telemedicine to allow patient to register their cases, and virtual consultation to improve access to healthcare.



HHT Featured Case Study - Digital First Primary Care in Indonesia (English)
HHT Featured Case Study - Digital First Primary Care in Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia)


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